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Able Towing 1997 is dedicated to always providing a safe tow both for you and your vehicle.


Nobody wants to be sitting on the side of the road for hours. Call us, and we'll be out to help you ASAP.


We know customer service is the most important thing. We're upfront with our costs, with no hidden fees.

Our story

Able Towing 1997 founder Glen Folland had been working for a family friend’s towing company when he decided to become more than just an employee. He bought out the company and established Able Towing 1997. Since then, Able Towing 1997 has dedicated itself to helping other Albertans out of tough spots.  

Need Our Service? Call The Towing Experts at 780-915-0647!

Able Towing 1997 is Alberta’s premier towing service, helping our neighbors get on the move when they have vehicle issues.


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